Arduino NG upgrade

I've updated my Arduino NG by adding auto reset and an Atmega328P chip; it definitely breathed new life into an old board that was just gathering dust.  The Atmega328P from Adafruit was a direct swap as advertised.  While the main Arduino site's hacking section has instructions on adding auto-reset by soldering on a 0.1uF capacitor, many people have had better luck using the two upper pins.  A good overview of the difference is presented in this wiki entry (the short form is that it depends on how your Arduino IDE / computer handles DTR and RTS when opening a serial connection).  OSX 10.6 / Arduino 1.0 seems fine with the upper pins.  I now have an Arduino NG capable of running an Ethernet Shield and an LCD Shield (and I don't need to pry off shields to upload new code) for about 7 dollars.

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