OctoGlow - a PiGlow plugin for OctoPrint

Originally I worked out how to use a PiGlow to display OctoPrint progress.  Based on OctoPrint's suggestion I took a look at the tutorial on writing a plugin and revisited the code.  If you are interested in writing a plugin, I definitely recommend checking out the tutorial; I was able to have the hello world example up and running in no time.

A big advantage of running as a plugin is that I can spawn a thread to update the LEDs independently of the event callbacks.  This enables me to enhance the display of status and progress by animating the LEDs.  I put together a short video demonstrating how this looks:

I am still testing the code and working out if I want to handle additional status changes.  However, you can check out the source code on GitHub and install the plugin if you are interested in using a PiGlow with OctoPrint.

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